Sisters & Stones

Final Pitch Film

I had the honor of being designated as the first Interactive Design & Game Development student to work on the new XR Stage at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). For the project, our group of nine students split across three classes (Film, VFX, and Production Design), were tasked with creating a project pitch to see what could be done with the XR Stage with limited resources. Given my background in Production Design and Unreal Engine, I was given the assignment to essentially bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, a bridge between realities.

Like any great film project, we started out building physical models. Helena Alfajora, Alejandra Arietta and I put our heads together on how best to approach. In the end we decided on going pretty large, 8' x 8', and ended up with a massive beauty of a model.

Once it was built, the film team made some shots to hand off to the VFX students, and I got to work with Yash Patel on the Unreal Engine side. I tackled the environment while Yash did the lighting. Once everything was cut together by Lillie Tuttle, we presented that to our classes and professors. Afterwards we were able to film with actual actresses on the XR Stage with our Unreal Engine Model, and that ended up wrapping us up for the quarter.

It was a ton of work, definitely one of the bigger projects I've worked on, but also one of my favorites. Credits are as below!

Director: Porter Justus
Producer: Sean Hussey
Production Designer: Patrick Johnson
Art Director: Alejandra Arietta
Lead Model Supervisor & Costume Designer: Helena Alfajora
Lighting: Yash Patel
VFX: Nico Ramirez, Kaitlyn Kearns
Editor: Lillie Tuttle